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AmberPlayer Logo


The AmberPlayer executes the Amber script with GUI.


you can launch this application by open command on macOS terminal.

open -a --args [options] script-file


The AmberPlayer executes single page application written by the Amber programming language.

Short Long argument Description
--version Display version information
--verbose none Set verbose mode ON

When the --verbose Set verbose mode. If this is is set following logs are generated:

  • The compiler's output
  • The information of layouts of components

The log window


This application accesses following resources.


  • Use selected script file access (read only)
  • Script file on iCloud access (read only)


  • Script file on iCloud access (read only)

Programming Reference

Screen shots

Startup Screen

If you don't give the source script at the command line, The startup screen is displayed to select source script. Startup Screen

Press "Select Script" button to select Amber script file on iCloud. Select Script

The screen is switched to new GUI which is described by user script. User Screen

Sample Scripts

  • sprite: Sample for sprite graphics
  • timer: Sample for timer
  • operation: Sample for operation to execute on parallel thread.
  • navbar: Sample for navigation bar

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