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Hi, I'm SteemThink. Nice to meet you. It is time to introduce myself to you.

What is SteemThink?

  • SteemThink is a knowledge sharing platform based on Steem block chain. Users communicate in the form of questions and answers. Everyone can upvote valuable answers, and can follow anyone with knowledge.
  • SteemThink is an open source project. We believe that through github everyone can participate in by collaborating. You can be a programmer, designer, marketer, etc.
  • SteemThink is a non-profit organization. All of the donations and potential income will be completely used for the project's operation expenses & development expenses.
  • SteemThink's expectation is to have more people join this exciting, passionate ecosystem of Steem.

SteemThink's plan

  • March 2018: complete internal beta version development and invite specific users to join the test.
  • April-June 2018: do repair as per bugs and suggestion that users feed back, and release the first public beta version.
  • 3rd Quarter of 2018 (if sponsored by investors) : start to develop ios and android versions, invite users to join the test, perfect functions & fix bugs.
  • 4th Quarter of 2018: release the official versions of ios and android in succession, and submit them to app stores for download.

Public test version function forecast

  • Commendable user experience.
  • Seamless connection to steemconnect.
  • Add classifications to the site, convenient for users to quickly filter.

How to help SteemThink?

  • We are seeking more support to develop the whole project. If you are interested in our project, please contact us.

Contribute to SteemThink

  • When the first internal beta version is completed, we will synchronize the project to github and look forward to your participation.
  • We are recruiting experienced developers. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.

Project schedule update cycle

  • We will share the project schedule every week. Thank you for your attention!

How to deploy locally (for the webapp)

  • Install HTTP service locally
  • clone the file and extract it to the www directory
  • Enter or localhost in Browser
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