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Contributing to the Glossary

👍🎉 First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! 👍🎉

The Steem Documentation Network wouldn't be anything without people like you making it better and better. Please make sure to review our contribution guidelines and our code of conduct documents before sending your first pull request!

Glossary Formating

We would suggest that you look through a few glossary term before making your first pull request. It is best for the user to have a uniform experience across the website. All of the content on the website uses markdown documents.

Paragraph Formating

Try to keep the number of lines within a paragraph to something that is comfortable to the eyes. Too short and it looks sparse, too long at people's eye glaze and give up before reading.


Only one hyperlink per term per entry. If the same term come more than once in a given description, don't create an hyperlink on it. Try to hyperlink to as many Steem related glossary terms within a given entry (within reason of course).

Using Strong and Italic Font Type

We use the (**) strong type to highlight the main term of a glossary within it's entry and not to highlight phrases or important information. If you want to highlight a particular sentence or word, please use the italic font type(*).