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# Console appender definition json: {"appender", "stream"}
log-console-appender = {"appender":"stderr","stream":"std_error"}
# File appender definition json: {"appender", "file"}
log-file-appender = {"appender":"p2p","file":"logs/p2p/p2p.log"}
# Logger definition json: {"name", "level", "appender"}
log-logger = {"name":"default","level":"debug","appender":"stderr"}
log-logger = {"name":"p2p","level":"info","appender":"stderr"}
# Plugin(s) to enable, may be specified multiple times
plugin = webserver p2p json_rpc witness account_by_key reputation market_history
plugin = database_api account_by_key_api network_broadcast_api reputation_api market_history_api condenser_api block_api rc_api
# Defines a range of accounts to track as a json pair ["from","to"] [from,to] Can be specified multiple times
# account-history-track-account-range =
# Defines a list of operations which will be explicitly logged.
# account-history-whitelist-ops = transfer_operation transfer_to_vesting_operation withdraw_vesting_operation interest_operation transfer_to_savings_operation transfer_from_savings_operation cancel_transfer_from_savings_operation escrow_transfer_operation escrow_approve_operation escrow_dispute_operation escrow_release_operation fill_convert_request_operation fill_order_operation claim_reward_balance_operation author_reward_operation curation_reward_operation fill_vesting_withdraw_operation fill_transfer_from_savings_operation delegate_vesting_shares_operation return_vesting_delegation_operation comment_benefactor_reward_operation
# Defines a list of operations which will be explicitly ignored.
# account-history-blacklist-ops =
# the location of the chain shared memory files (absolute path or relative to application data dir)
# shared-file-dir = "blockchain"
# Size of the shared memory file. Default: 54G
shared-file-size = 300G
# Pairs of [BLOCK_NUM,BLOCK_ID] that should be enforced as checkpoints.
# checkpoint =
# flush shared memory changes to disk every N blocks
# flush-state-interval = 0
# Database edits to apply on startup (may specify multiple times)
# edit-script =
# Set the maximum size of cached feed for an account
follow-max-feed-size = 500
# Block time (in epoch seconds) when to start calculating feeds
# follow-start-feeds = 0
# Track market history by grouping orders into buckets of equal size measured in seconds specified as a JSON array of numbers
market-history-bucket-size = [15,60,300,3600,21600]
# How far back in time to track market history, measure in seconds (default: 604800)
market-history-track-time = 604800
# The local IP address and port to listen for incoming connections.
# p2p-endpoint =
# Maxmimum number of incoming connections on P2P endpoint
# p2p-max-connections =
# The IP address and port of a remote peer to sync with. Deprecated in favor of p2p-seed-node.
# seed-node =
# The IP address and port of a remote peer to sync with.
# p2p-seed-node =
# User agent to advertise to peers
p2p-user-agent = Graphene Reference Implementation
# The local IP and port to listen for incoming http connections.
# webserver-http-endpoint =
# The local IP and port to listen for incoming websocket connections.
# webserver-ws-endpoint =
# Number of threads used to handle queries. Default: 32.
webserver-thread-pool-size = 256
# Enable block production, even if the chain is stale.
enable-stale-production = false
# Percent of witnesses (0-99) that must be participating in order to produce blocks
# required-participation =
# name of witness controlled by this node (e.g. initwitness )
# witness =
# WIF PRIVATE KEY to be used by one or more witnesses or miners
# private-key =