Token based authentication for Steem made easy
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SteemConnect v2


Download and install Node.js >= 7.7.1 then run

npm install

Add config vars

BROADCASTER_USERNAME = Main Steem account holding posting permissions e.g 'steemconnect'
BROADCASTER_POSTING_WIF = Posting wif of the main account
JWT_SECRET = Random string
DATABASE_URL = PostgreSQL database URL
DEBUG = sc2:*


npm start


Test demo app here:



/api/me - Get user profile (require user or app token)

/api/broadcast - Broadcast posting operation for user (require app token)


/api/oauth2/authorize - Issue new app token (require user token)


Tokens are created with JWT, the payload is public. Here is how it look:

Token for user

  role: 'user',
  user: 'guest'

The token hash is saved on user localStorage once he login.

Token for application

  role: 'app',
  proxy: 'example',
  user: 'guest',
  scope: ['vote', 'comment']

The token hash is sent to the application once user authorize the application.