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A data set consisting of 71.386 sentences from 378 Danish legal rulings by the Danish Companies Appeals Board [http://www.erhvervsankenæ], which has been pre-processed for use in my master's thesis - Data-driven de-identification of Danish legal rulings.

The set has been sentence tokenized and a punkt tokenizer trained on a Danish corpus has been applied. The set has further been split into one word per line. A blank line serves as a sentence delimiter. Thus the set is suitable for use by sequential modeling algorithms such as Conditional Random Fields. I have been using CRF++ []. The data set can also easily be modified to be used for other data-driven purposes. Also for use by CRF++ is an aligned list of true answer tags. A TRUE tag indicates that a token has been de-identified from the original rulings.

To comply with Danish data protection laws, every token that was originally de-identified (person's names, company names etc.) have been obfuscated by replacing them with random words of a similar structure, e.g. "DaniCon" could be replaced by "FiskHus".