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weather34 Dashboard Template for WeeWX

W34-WE(131018) is the current version of weather34 Dashboard Template adapted for use with weeWX weather software.

I am indebted to the owner and designer of weather34 Home Weatherstation, Brian Underdown, to allow the use and adaptation of his template. Please note that Brian Underdown does does not provide technical support or maintainence for this version of the template and will not answer requests to do so. Please respect Brian's wishes in this matter.

All questions concerning installation and setup of this version alongside WeeWX should be addressed to

I would aslo like to acknowledge the following people: -

David M. for contributing technical knowledge and solutions.

Taylormia for contributing his excellent setup example for instances where weeWX and server/template are remote to each other.

Due to the multitude of ways that the excellent WeeWX weather software can be setup and deployed, setup instructions should be considered as a guide only.

If you are not entirely comfortable with changing weeWX configuration files etc, please use W34-WE(091018) which normally requires only minor changes to your current weeWX setup.