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A podcast covering all things web development & design brought to you by the team at Steer

Podcast pre-release checklist

Make sure all of these are done for each episode before you release online

  • Export the episode from Garageband in mp3 format medium quality (filename should just be episode number e.g 01.mp3, 02.mp3)

  • Listen through to check that volume levels sound good

  • Upload to Steer S3 account under podcast bucket

  • Create a new episode markdown file from a old episode, these can be found in the _episodes folder

  • Rename it to the new episode number

  • Fill out the variables at the top of the episodes markdown file

    • title - the episode number
    • long_title - episode number and catchy title
    • date - Strict date format should be YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS time can be a rough estimate
    • quote - This should be a nice short quote as it has to be within 87 characters to fit within a tweet
    • audio_link - The url that the audio file is stored in S3, it will look something like this
    • duraion - Length of the podcast in MM:SS format
    • length - This is an odd one, this is the size of the file in bytes you can get this by Right Click -> Get Info the filed is called Size copy the value but remove the commas.
    • summary - A short description about the contents of the podcast, I normally use this as the beginning sentence to main show notes.
  • Write the main contents of the show notes, start with a description of the what the show contains (I normally use the summary from above)

  • Then use an h4 tag for headings int the content normally just Links

  • Create a heading called Listener Questions, these are just a list of links and the href value is the time the question is talked about it should in this format #t=MM:SS

  • Create a Pull request from a branch named after the episode number

  • In the pull request description add in the following info, this will then get sent to Amelia Episode No: Episode Title Release Date: 16/06/2015 Desc: Description of the epsiode Tweetable: Tweetable text

  • If you have been creating this draft in a feature branch just merge it with gh-pages and push to github