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About Brisk
Brisk is an open-source Hadoop and Hive distribution developed by DataStax that
utilizes Apache Cassandra for its core services and storage. Brisk provides
Hadoop MapReduce capabilities using CassandraFS, an HDFS-compatible storage
layer inside Cassandra. By replacing HDFS with CassandraFS, users are able to
leverage their current MapReduce jobs on Cassandra’s peer-to-peer,
fault-tolerant, and scalable architecture. Brisk is also able to support dual
workloads, allowing you to use the same cluster of machines for both real-time
applications and data analytics without having to move the data around between
systems. Brisk is now available via Apache license v2.0. The DataStax team
welcomes your valued feedback.
Release Contents
Brisk is comprised of the following components. For component-specific information, refer to their respective release notes and documentation.
• Apache Hadoop + (HADOOP-7172, HADOOP-5759, HADOOP-7255)
• Cassandra 0.8.1
• Apache Hive 0.7
• Apache Pig 0.8.3
New Features in Brisk 1.0 Beta 2
The following new features have been added in this release. For more
information on these features, see the Brisk Jira Project
Apache Pig Integration. For more information about using Pig in Brisk, see:
Job Tracker Failover. For more information about using the new brisktool movejt
command, see:
New Snappy Compression Codec built on Google Snappy is now used internally for
automatic CassandraFS block compression.
Automap Cassandra Column Families to Hive Tables in the Brisk Hive Metastore.
Add a second HDFS layer in CassandraFS for long-term data storage. This is
needed because the blocks column family in CFS requires frequent compactions -
Hadoop uses it during MapReduce processing to store small files and temporary
data. Compaction cleans this temporary data up after it is not needed anymore.
Now there is the cfs:/// and cfs-archive:/// endpoints within CFS. The blocks
column family in cfs-archive:/// has compaction disabled to improve performance
for static data stored in CFS.
Major Fixes in Brisk 1.0 Beta 2
Brisk 1.0 Beta 2 also incudes the following major fixes. For details on all fixes in Beta 2, see the Brisk Jira Project (
BRISK-126 Remove multiple slf4j warnings
BRISK-203 Use batchMutate instead of insert in HiveCassandraOutputFormat
BRISK-219 Cassandra super columns not mapping in Hive
BRISK-220 Improve performance of hadoop fs -ls
CASSANDRA-2683 Compaction issue causing secondary index corruption.
Open Issues
For a description of the open issues in Brisk, see the see the Brisk Jira Project (
Upgrading from Beta 1 to Beta 2
Perform a rolling upgrade by performing the following steps on each node in your Brisk cluster, one node at a time.
1. Flush the commit log: nodetool drain
2. Stop any client applications.
3. Stop the Brisk service: service brisk stop
4. Upgrade the Brisk packages to Beta 2.
On RedHat Systems: yum upgrade brisk-full brisk-demos
On Debian Systems: apt-get upgrade brisk-full brisk-demos
For Binary Installs: Download and unpack the tar file and update $BRISK_HOME
and $PATH to point to the new location.
5. Restart Brisk: service brisk start