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library providing OPRF and Threshold OPRF based on libsodium


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This library implements the basic OPRF(ristretto255, SHA-512) variant from the IRTF CFRG Draft:

Additionally it implements a threshold OPRF variant based on by Krawczyk et al. which is compatible with the CFRG OPRF(ristretto255, SHA-512) variant.

For the threshold OPRF this library also provides distributed key-generation (DKG) implementation that is based on a trusted party handling the broadcasts necessary for the DKG, this is based on the JF-DKG (fig 1.) a variant on Pedersens DKG from the paper "Secure Distributed Key Generation for Discrete-Log Based Cryptosystems" by R. Gennaro, S. Jarecki, H. Krawczyk, and T. Rabin.

Additionally a python wrapper is provided, which can be installed using pip install pyoprf

This library depends on libsodium.