a simple password manager
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a simple password manager for X11.

All passwords are stored encrypted using a gpg public key, this means you can even use your cryptostick or equivalent to protect your passwords in storage.



apt-get install gnupg xdotool xclip suckless-tools ssh-askpass apg

(suckless-tools provides dmenu)

configure pwd.sh

mkdir ~/.pwd
cat >~/.pwd/.cfg <<EOT
salt="rainbow-stainer" # this should be some random string

Setup in your window manager

Bind the following to some window manager keys

pwd.sh      # for getting a password
pwd.sh a    # creating a new random password

pwd.sh accepts an optional 1st parameter (preceding the ‘a’) for specifying an alternative root for the password storage.

Adding passwords

A new password is automatically generated, the URL or window title used for indexing, and only the username is queried using kdialog.

Getting passwords

pwd.sh uses X11 window titles or in case of firefox, uzbl, luakit, chromium, vimperator, pentadactyl and iceweasel the current page url for indexing users and keys. The title or url is hashed with a salt for their final directory name. Users are stored in separate files, similarly using hashed names underneath their respective “site” directory. Check out ~/.pwd after issuing a few “pwd.sh a” invocations.

Import from firefox

importpwd.sh imports passwords from the firefox password exporter addon.

cat password-export | fgrep '<entry host="' | importpwd.sh | tee ~/.pwd/import.log

importpwd.sh accepts an optional parameter to an alternative path to store the imported entries.