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Use pre-trained deepdream on audio spectrograms.
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HAMR 2015: DeepDreamEffect


  • Christian Dittmar
  • Stefan Balke


I used Google's DeepDream processing as an audio effect. Therefore, I export music magnitude spectrogram as RGB channels of PNG images and apply so-called 'Gradient Ascent' with pre-trained networks to these images. Afterwards, I convert the resulting images to spectrograms again and resynthesize them using Griffin and Lim's method.

More information and further demos can be found here:


You need to have a running version of caffe ( on your machine There are hundreds of tutorials describing how to install it (it takes some time...). Anyhow, the notebook with an example is best viewed here:

Music Copyright

The used music is copyright free to our best knowledge. However, we want to thank the creator. If any legal problems occur, please contact us.

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