A small bash script that updates your Ghost instance
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A small bash script that installs a specified Ghost version

Before usage

Keep in mind that this script requires cURL to download the specified version of Ghost.

Before you start the script make sure you modify the GHOST_INSTALL_PATH line with the correct path to your Ghost instance.

After that, this script requires execution rights. You can use this command to enable those chmod +x ghoster.sh.

In case your Ghost instance is not running on a Digital Ocean droplet you can comment out line 56 and replace line 62 with the command you use to start your Ghost instance.


You can use the ./ghoster help to read about the available commands.

To actually use the script, you can use this command:

./ghoster install <version>

This will install a specified Ghost version. If you want to install the latest version you can use this command:

./ghoster install latest


  • Compatibility with multiple types of Ghost installations
  • More meaningful error messages


Please read the LICENSE very carefully as the author of this script should not be held accountable for any damages that this script might cause.