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Search for all the state files not just the permanent state and
when printing the JSON use the abstracted names rather than concrete
filenames that are only valid for the dir backend but will likely
not exist in other backends.

Adjust swtpm_setup to search for the abstracted name and also
adjust the error message to print out the abstracted name.

Adjust the test cases.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Berger <>

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SWTPM - Software TPM Emulator
      David Safford
      Stefan Berger

The SWTPM package provides TPM emulators with different front-end interfaces
to libtpms. TPM emulators provide socket interfaces (TCP/IP and Unix) and
the Linux CUSE interface for the creation of multiple native /dev/vtpm* devices.

The SWTPM package also provides several tools for using the TPM emulator,
creating certificates for a TPM, and simulating the manufacturing of
a TPM by creating a TPM's EK and platform certificates etc. Please read 
the READMEs in the individual tool's directory under src/.

Please consult the Wiki for information about swtpm: