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Libtpms-based TPM emulator with socket, character device, and Linux CUSE interface.
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Stefan Berger and stefanberger Travis: Set LIBTPMS_CFLAGS when sanitizing swtpm
Set the LIBTPMS_CFLAGS for libtpms to sanitize the same as we sanitize
in swtpm. Also set UBSAN_OPTIONS and ASAN_OPTIONS for directing runtime
behavior to halt_on_error=1.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Berger <>
Latest commit e87114b Apr 18, 2019
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debian packages: Add libseccomp-devel to rpm and debian build deps Mar 18, 2019
dist packages: Add libseccomp-devel to rpm and debian build deps Mar 18, 2019
etc build-sys: Fix hard coded /etc path and replace with @SYSCONFDIR@ Jan 17, 2019
include header: Add support for DragonFly BSD Sep 10, 2018
man man: Add documentation about --seccomp option to man pages Mar 18, 2019
samples swtpm-setup: follow XDG spec more closely for default config Feb 26, 2019
src swtpm: Fix illegal heap access while parsing options Apr 18, 2019
tests tests: wait for file content in wait_for_file Apr 8, 2019
.gitignore gitignore: Ignore files related to gcov Apr 2, 2019
.travis.yml Travis: Set LIBTPMS_CFLAGS when sanitizing swtpm Apr 18, 2019
CHANGES docs: Add entry to CHANGES file about seccomp profile Mar 18, 2019
COPYING initial check-in Dec 5, 2014
DCO1.1.txt Replace the CLA with the DCO, simply requiring a Signed-off-by: Dec 21, 2016
INSTALL tests: Use python3 rather than python for the test programs Sep 25, 2018
LICENSE swtpm: Replace the CUSE TPM with the new implementation Dec 7, 2015 buils-sys: Include in tarball and use for RPM build Aug 8, 2018
README docu: Cut down the README to its minimum Sep 24, 2018
TODO Adding RHEL/Centos status info Jun 27, 2016 build-sys: Create m4 directory on older systems Dec 15, 2018 build-sys: Avoid prefix=NONE if no prefix is passed to configure Mar 21, 2019
run_tests Replace -j8 with -j$(nproc) Jan 28, 2019


SWTPM - Software TPM Emulator
      David Safford
      Stefan Berger

The SWTPM package provides TPM emulators with different front-end interfaces
to libtpms. TPM emulators provide socket interfaces (TCP/IP and Unix) and
the Linux CUSE interface for the creation of multiple native /dev/vtpm* devices.

The SWTPM package also provides several tools for using the TPM emulator,
creating certificates for a TPM, and simulating the manufacturing of
a TPM by creating a TPM's EK and platform certificates etc. Please read 
the READMEs in the individual tool's directory under src/.

Please consult the Wiki for information about swtpm:
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