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Create a repository from this template

  1. Click the big green button Use this template or click here.
  2. Enter a Repository name and click Create repository from template
  3. Head over to the created repository and complete the setup.

Complete setup

  1. In the a new repository, complete the project setup by editing the cookiecutter.json file.
  2. Hit cmd + S and then Enter to perform a commit (the commit message doesn't really matter).
  3. Wait Setup Repository Action to complete.
  4. That's it, easy isn't it?

If you have anything to add, please reply in this Twitter thread.

What is this all about?

On June 6, 2019, GitHub introduced Repository Templates giving users an easy way to share boilerplate for their projects. This feature is fantastic, but lacking adoption to my knowledge and opinion for one reason... Read the full blog post to learn how to template new projects using repository templates and GitHub Actions.