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SCStringsUtility is an OS X Application built for easing the way we deal with localizable strings. It started off as a simple to/from CSV utility but ended up being a little bit more than that.



  • Import from Xcode project using genstrings and its .string files (options for a different genstrings routine and positional parameters)

  • Export to Localizable.strings/CSV/XML (with comments / key for missing translations)

  • Import from CSV/XML

  • Save back on top of the original files

  • Search (filter all or just the keys)

  • Editing & undo/redo support

  • Console for displaying genstrings warnings

How to use it

  • download the zipped app from the "releases" tab

  • fire up the application and point it to an .xcodeproj

Known issues

  • The application doesn't work when opening Xcode projects that have the .strings files inside virual groups. XcodeEditor doesn't provide correct paths for that case


  • Individual cell selection

  • Better error handling


SCStringsUtility is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see the LICENSE file)


Feel free to contact me at stefan.ceriu@yahoo.com or https://twitter.com/stefanceriu