A php class to update highrise through the API
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PHP Highrise class

starting with the guide of 101tec, http://101tec.com/en/open-source/highrise-api-wrapper

I've developed the highrise php class to provide more flexibility.

I've made changes to the following areas:

  • Added The ability to attach new info to existing contacts.
  • Added The ability to attach background info to contacts.
  • Updated the search to look for people by email address, rather then first & last name (how many James Smith's do you know?)
  • Corrected problems I was having with the "add notes" function.


I've included a basic example of usage, I know it's pretty minimal, but you can see how to add tags, notes, background info, update users, add tasks. Im posting this because when I started, I couldn't find any examples of how to use this script. I'm sure if more time was spent with it we could get a bunch more out of it, Highrise is awesome.