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My personal blog, hosted at


  • Do not regenerate all images on each build (requires cloning gh-pages branch into folder _site before building)
  • Make PageSpeed Insights happy (still complains about "Properly size images" and some other things)
  • With the update to Jekyll 4 and deployment via GitHub Actions, part of the footer got lost; need to investigate
  • Add image captions
  • In the future: Technically rebuild the whole site (e.g. with Astro)



To include images, put them into _images and include them in a post like this:

{% picture test.jpg %}

See for more details.

Before committing any images to the repository, remove dates and GPS metadata from the EXIF:

exiftool -alldates= -gps:all= -DateCreated= _images/**/*

TODO: Automate this (pre-commit hook?)


Some text[^1].

Some other text[^2].

The identifier in the square brackets does not have to be numeric[^my_footnote].

[^1]: Some footnote.
[^2]: Other footnote.
[^my_footnote]: This also works fine.

Local Testing

For local testing, you need:

  • Ruby (>=3)
  • bundler (gem install bundler)
  • dependencies (bundle install)

Then run bundle exec jekyll serve.