Kinetic Mirroring

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Kinetic Mirroring stammt von der Feldenkrais-Methode und ist auch eine Technik der Somatic Education nach Thomas Hanna.

Martha Peterson, Carrie Day,

Kinetic Mirroring, borrowed from Moshe Feldenkrais, is based upon the relationship between alpha and gamma motor neurons within the muscle and nervous system. The practitioner places the student's muscle in a shortened, contracted position, bringing the origin and insertion of the muscles closer together. The idea is that in this relaxed yet passively shortened state, the muscle will reset its neural relationships, the brain will allow it to relax, and the resting tonus rate will be reset. This technique is effective in order to release especially tight muscles that cannot be moved by Means Whereby. However, because this is a passive technique, it is less likely that permanent changes can be expected. As we will see, the student must be actively involved in this muscle to brain resetting for longer lasting improvement in muscle tone.

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