Means Whereby

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"Means Whereby" stammt aus der Alexander-Technik und ist auch eine Technik der Somatic Education nach Thomas Hanna.

Martha Peterson, Carrie Day,

Means Whereby, a technique created by F.M. Alexander, introduces basic awareness of movement. It is a passive technique, which aids us in assessing the range of motion of a specific set of muscles and where there might be muscular dysfunction. The practitioner gently and slowly moves the targeted muscles through their range of motion in order to locate areas of SMA. SMA will show up as jerky, shaky or tight muscles that cannot relax. This technique, a form of biofeedback, allows the client to begin noticing movement, or lack thereof, in their own muscles.
Lawrence Gold,

"Means-whereby" entails developing a heightened kinesthetic awareness of the means by which an action (movement) is carried out.

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