Medical Exercise Therapy

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Oddvar Holten (1967)

“A treatment form where the patient trains with specially adapted exercise equipment. The equipment is designed to optimally stimulate relevant functional qualities related to various body systems such as the neuromuscular, artrogeni , circulatory and respiratory systems. To achieve this effect, training occurs from specially adapted beginner positions where movement occurs through defined movement ranges, or parts thereof, with the appropriately prescribed dosage of load. For MET to have effect, a minimum of 1 hours training is expected (excluding showering or change of clothes). Before beginning MET treatment, a thorough assessment is conducted based on the following areas 1) muscle testing, 2) specific joint testing and 3) functional testing. The physical assessment and the patient’s history form the basis for an optimalized and tailored individual trainings program. Throughout the treatment period, the patient will receive retesting and on-going assessment that will ensure any adjustments or progressions needed to the program are timely met. A maximum of five patients per treatment group is allowed”,

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