Quick Release

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"Quick Release" ist eine Technik der Somatic Education nach Thomas Hannah.

Martha Peterson, Carrie Day, https://essentialsomatics.com/hanna-somatics-articles-case-studies/somatics-science

Quick Release is used after a Pandiculation of a certain muscle or muscle group. The client moves through the new range of motion [ROM] quickly in order to integrate the present speed and range of the formerly tight muscle at the level of the CNS. Once the client has learned to control his/her muscles using the cortex of the brain (which occurs during Pandiculation), learning must be incorporated within the cerebellum; the entire range of motion of the specific muscle group needs to be integrated quickly and without hesitation. The cerebellum is responsible for processing information received from the cerebral motor cortex and integrating it into smooth movement, balance and coordination. It also functions at an involuntary, unconscious level, and is responsible for sensory motor amnesia. Quick release can be a challenge for some clients, as fear is an inhibiting factor for those who have been injured. Having them repeat the “quick release” several times will help to reset their timing, range and coordination.

Siehe auch folgende ähnliche Techniken der PNF:

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