Reflex Response Technique

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Die Trager-Arbeit wurde von Milton Trager entwickelt und sie enthält die sogenannte "Reflex Response Techniques":

Quelle: - Martin Clout - The Trager Approach

There are three parts – table work, Reflex Response techniques and Mentastics Movement Education.
In the table work practitioners gently lengthen your muscle fibres and connective tissue so any subsequent movement travels deep inside your body. Then, a variety of techniques (such as rocking, shimmering and pulsing) are applied to create a repertoire of new sensation. Waves of movement pass through your body until they meet resistance, where they are absorbed. As this happens below your conscious ability to move yourself, your perception is taken into ever deeper levels of sensation and freedom of movement. This, in turn, encourages holding patterns to release, allowing you to experience a new appreciation of how free your body can be: and once we have a comparison, its human nature to tend to prefer the more pleasurable option.

Reflex Response techniques are used to selectively increase muscle tone, awaken your awareness of specific muscles, bring flexibility to restricted areas of your body and teach you how to constructively engage your core.

Mentastics explore how your range and quality of movement changes with different thoughts, since what you think affects the way you engage your body and, hence, your freedom of movement. They invite you to witness and develop the qualitative changes from the table work through expanding your awareness as well as the range and type of movement you employ.

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