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django-filer cms plugins for django-cms



A set of cms plugins that replace the plugins shipped with django-cms with versions that use file fields from django-filer.


  • django-filer >= 0.9
  • Django >= 1.4
  • django-cms >= 2.2
  • django-sekizai >= 0.4.2
  • easy_thumbnails >= 1.0


To get started using cmsplugin-filer:

  • install it with pip:

    $ pip install cmsplugin-filer
  • configure django-filer as documented in

  • add the plugins to INSTALLED_APPS:

  • run syncdb or migrate if you're using South.

You can also set FILER_IMAGE_USE_ICON in your to configure cmsplugin_filer_image plugin to use 32x32 icons for representing plugin instances.

The default template in cmsplugin_filer_image expects the subject location functionality to be enabled. Follow:


Please note that current develop version moved plugin packages from src directory to project root. This may break your installation if upgrading. Uninstall any previous cmsplugin_filer installation (either from Pypi or from github repository) and reinstall it.



cmsplugin_filer_image provides integration with djangocms-text-ckeditor. Add this setting to enable it:


This allows dragging images into the text editor in Firefox and newer versions of IE.

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