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Image Management Application for django. For the most current version please check out django-filer.

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- mptt
- sorl.thumbnail
- django 1.1 (trunk)
- (south) not a requirement, but handy

for cms integration:
- django-cms-2.0

- add 'image_filer' to INSTALLED_APPS
- add (r'^admin/image_filer/', include('image_filer.urls')),
	to your before url(r'^admin/(.*)',, 
- make image_filer/media/image_filer available in MEDIA_ROOT

To use the example project virtualenv and pip can be used to setup a test environment:
 - mkdir example/virtualenv
 - virtualenv example/virtualenv/image_filer
 - pip -E example/virtualenv/image_filer install -r requirements.pip
 	- now you will have a virtualenv with mptt, sorl, south and django installed
 - symlink or checkout the other dependencies into the virtualenv (example/virtualenv/image_filer/lib/python2.5/site-packages/)
 - source example/virtualenv/image_filer/bin/activate
 	- now the virtualenv is active... and syncdb/runserver can be run with ./
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