Image Management Application for django. For the most current version please check out django-filer.
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- mptt
- sorl.thumbnail
- django 1.1
- (south) not a requirement, but handy

for cms integration:
- django-cms-2.0

- add 'image_filer' to INSTALLED_APPS
- make the directory 'image_filer' (found in image_filer/media/') available in MEDIA_ROOT
  optional: configure IMAGE_FILER_MEDIA_URL in your project's to the URL
  where image_filer-media can be found (usually MEDIA_URL+'image_filer/' which is the
- for image upload to work, create the folder "catalogue" in your MEDIA_ROOT and make
  it writable to the web server (www-data on linux/unix). Image filer will try to do this
  for you, but if the MEDIA_ROOT folder is not writable (recomended), it will fail and you
  will see "IO ERROR" in the clipboard.
  optional: configure IMAGE_FILER_UPLOAD_ROOT to define an alternative upload directory.

Custom plugins using image folders
To customize a slideshow as shown in cms_plugins.FolderSlideshowPlugin, just do
the following in your own project:

- create a file '' in your application root (where resides):

        from cms.plugin_pool import plugin_pool
        from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
        from image_filer.cms_plugins import FolderSlideshowPlugin
        class CustomSlideshowPlugin(FolderSlideshowPlugin):
            name = _("Custom slideshow")
            class Meta:
                proxy = True
            render_template = "slideshow.html"

- create an appropriate 'templates/slideshow.html' relative to your application's
  root (look at 'image_filer/slideshow2.html' for guidance)