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Test Decorators for views
blog entry
get all groups with given permission set for an object
Any permission: object.group_perms_set.all().extra(where=['permission | %s > 0',], params=[perm1+perm2])
All permissions: object.group_perms_set.all().extra(where=['permission | %s == %s',], params=[perm1+perm2,perm1+perm2])
Only permissions: object.group_perms_set.filter(permission=perm1+perm2)
get all users with given permission set permission for an object
Any permission: object.user_perms_set.all().extra(where=['permission | %s > 0',], params=[perm1+perm2])
All permissions: object.user_perms_set.all().extra(where=['permission | %s == %s',], params=[perm1+perm2,perm1+perm2])
Only permissions: object.user_perms_set.filter(permission=perm1+perm2)
Have a way to set default permissions for a user and/or group when an object is created.
Probably will have to be a listener to post_save
Write a set of default listeners that can be employed
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