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A zc.buildout extension to ease the development of large projects with lots of packages.
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``mr.developer`` is a ``zc.buildout`` extension which makes it easier to work with
buildouts containing lots of packages of which you only want to develop some.
The basic idea for this comes from Wichert Akkerman's ``plonenext`` effort.


You add ``mr.developer`` to the ``extensions`` option of your ``[buildout]``
section. Then you can add the following options to your ``[buildout]``

    This specifies where your development packages should be placed. Defaults
    to ``src``.

    This specifies a section which lists the subversion repository URLs of
    your packages.

    This specifies a section which lists the git repository URLs of your

    This specifies the names of packages which should be checked out during
    buildout, packages already checked out are skipped.

The following is an example of how your ``buildout.cfg`` may look like::

  extensions = mr.developer
  sources-svn = sources-svn
  sources-git = sources-git
  auto-checkout = my.package

  my.package =

  some.other.package = git://

When you run buildout, you will get a script at ``bin/develop`` in your
buildout directory. With that script you can perform various actions on the
packages, like checking out the source code, without the need to know where
the repository is located.

For help on what the script can do, run ``bin/develop help``.

If you checked out the source code of a package, you need run buildout again.
The package will automatically be marked as an develop egg and, if it's listed
in the section specified by the ``versions`` option in the ``[buildout]``
section, the version will be cleared, so the develop egg will actually be
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