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📦 11st-Starter-Kit

License: MIT Netlify Status

11ty, powered by Vite with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

Install Dependencies

First, make sure you have npm (packaged with Node.js) installed, then run npm run setup to install the dependencies and validate that everything is running correctly.

Available Scripts


# runs the app in the development mode.
npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000/ to view it in your browser.

The page will reload if you make file changes.


# builds a static copy of your site to the `dist/` folder.
npm run build
# serve the content from the `dist/` folder.
npm run preview

Open http://localhost:5000/ to view it in your browser.

Your code is now ready to be deployed!


To get your own instance of this 11st-Starter-Kit cloned and deploying to Netlify very quickly, just click the button below and follow the instructions.

Add some Netlify helpers

Netlify Dev adds the ability to use Netlify redirects, proxies, and serverless functions.

# install the Netlify CLI in order to get netlify dev
npm install -g netlify-cli

# run a local server with some added Netlify sugar
netlify dev

Code Quality

By default CSS and JavaScript is getting linted with every commit.

You can lint manually by running npm run lint and if errors occur you can try to fix them automatically by running npm run format.

With every pull request it is checked if the code can be build without errors and afterwards CSS and JavaScript is getting linted.

Additionally each page is audited by Lighthouse which can take some time. You can find the performance budget for this audit in the file ./budget.json.


This project is open source and available under the MIT License.