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holiday replacement

this is a simple approach to handle holiday replacement using as many camunda ready-to-use utility as possible. Please see my blogpost for further details.

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run it

In this project you find a spring boot application. You can run it with gradle bootRun from command line.

  1. go to camunda tasklist (user: demo | pw: demo) and start an instance of process Holiday Replacement. The default assignee will be user jack. Refresh tasklist. There should be a brand new task called Coordinator jack. You can also call http://localhost:8081/tasklist?user=jack to receive this task in browser.
  2. open camunda cockpit and find the instance you started. Note that the assignee of the task is left empty, since only a candiate group was assigned.
  3. open camunda admin and go to Groups. There should be a group group_jack_coordinator in wich jack is the only member.
  4. Do another call (in browser) http://localhost:8081/add?substitute=john&forUserId=jack&forRole=coordinator and check the groups again in camunda admin. There still is group group_jack_coordinator now containing two users. User John was created on the fly meaning that John can now work on all of jacks task with this one configuration call. check http://localhost:8081/tasklist?user=john.
  5. Complete the task in cockpit. For simplification use user demo, claim the task and complete.
  6. Return back to camunda admin. Group and users are gone, since no more task is assigned to either of them.

Feel free to play around and comment on the post.

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