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version 1.2.8 (October 13, 2017)

  • fixed a bug where clicking on an already opened tab when the collapsible property is set to false would trigger the onBeforeClose event. See #4
  • collapsible property can now also be 0 which works the same as when set to FALSE except that all tabs can be collapsed. See #5

version 1.2.7 (May 30, 2017)

  • performance improvements and source code tweaks
  • new folder structure
  • the home of the library is now exclusively on GitHub
  • files required in the build process are not included anymore when installing via npm nor when downloading from GitHub

version 1.2.4 (January 24, 2016)

  • the library is now available as a npm package and as a Bower package
  • added Grunt integration to streamline development process
  • updated jQuery to version 1.12.0 in the example file

version 1.2.2 (November 28, 2013)

  • added 2 new events - onBeforeClose and onBeforeOpen; thanks to paul for suggesting this a while ago
  • minor updates to keep JSHint happy

version 1.2 (March 24, 2013)

  • if the "collapsible" property is set to TRUE, the "show" property can now also be an array of values representing tabs to be expanded by default, or boolean TRUE indicating that all tabs should be expanded by default
  • fixed a bug where when resizing the browser window, all tabs would be collapsed, except for the first one
  • better error handling for the "show" and "hide" methods
  • fixed some small issues in the code
  • the plugin is now available on GitHub!

version 1.1 (November 20, 2011)

  • the plugin now also works with fluid (responsive) layouts; previously, if the browser window was re-sized, the plugin did not resize accordingly (in the case where the accordion did not have a fixed width, that is); thanks to Hulisz Oliver for reporting

version 1.0 (September 25, 2011)

  • initial release