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stefangabos committed Sep 26, 2019
1 parent 85caf7d commit 63d63e823bd00c3db6071a82280c0bbc9868f8e5
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- the `onChange` event is now also triggered when switching to the `time` view
- fixed [#132]( where English ordinal suffixes for 11th, 12th, and 13th where incorrectly shown as 11st, 12nd, and 13rd. - thanks [@panzerchris](!
- fixed [#148]( where specifying `enabled_hours`, `enabled_minutes` and `enabled_seconds` as strings rather than integers would break the time picker
- calling the `update` method now repaints the date picker
- merged pull request [#135]( which allows time intervals to change while mouse button is being pressed - thanks [@sebipopa](!
- merged pull request [#139]( which fixes a bug where, when having the year selector as the only available pane, the selected date would incorrectly be set to February instead of January - thanks [@duckboy81](!

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