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## version 1.9.7 (TBA)
## version 1.9.7 (December 03, 2017)
- the date picker now also works as a time picker by setting time-related parts in the `format` property
- the date picker can now also be shown when the parent element and/or the associated icon is focused by setting the newly add `open_on_focus` property to `TRUE`; see [#80](
- fixed a bug where clearing a date would not return focus to the parent element
- fixed memory leaks, see [#81](, thanks to [@sszabolcs](
- fixed value of "today" being cached; see [#83](, thanks to [@CJDennis](
- fixed possible issues by adding more randomness for each date picker's internally used ID; see [#84](
- some documentation updates
- rewrote the SCSS for all the 3 themes and improved theming by introducing variables
- all the themes are now using a single sprite image instead of multiple images
- source code updates and tweaks because of which the plugin is now compatible with jQuery 1.7.0+ (previously it was compatible with jQuery 1.5.2+)
- improved user experience in examples
- some documentation updates
## version 1.9.6 (June 24, 2017)

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