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*A drop-in replacement for PHP's default session handler which stores session data in a MySQL database, providing both better performance and better security and protection against session fixation and session hijacking*

[![Latest Stable Version](]( [![Total Downloads](]( [![Monthly Downloads](]( [![Daily Downloads](]( [![License](](
[![Latest Stable Version](]( [![Total Downloads](]( [![Monthly Downloads](]( [![Daily Downloads](]( [![License](]( [![Donate](](

Session support in PHP consists of a way to preserve information (variables) on subsequent accesses to a website's pages. Unlike cookies, variables are not stored on the user's computer. Instead, only a *session identifier* is stored in a cookie on the visitor's computer, which is matched up with the actual session data kept on the server, and made available to us through the [$_SESSION]( super-global. Session data is retrieved as soon as we open a session, usually at the beginning of each page.

@@ -38,10 +38,6 @@ So, in the end, this is not the best solution but still is better than nothing.

Thanks to [Michael Kliewe]( who brought this to my attention!

## Support the development of this library


## Features

- acts as a wrapper for PHP's default session handling functions, but instead of storing session data in flat files it stores them in a MySQL database, providing better security and better performance

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