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version 1.5.2 (TBA)

  • the library will not cache results in case the cURL requst returns an error; thanks to George Adrian for suggesting

version 1.5.1 (May 01, 2021)

  • fixed compatibility with PHP 8

version 1.5.0 (September 29, 2020)

  • the get method now allows passing of query strings in a nicer way
  • fixed bug where when passing an associative array as an extra argument to any of the main methods, it would be incorrectly passed forward to the callback function
  • fixed bug where not all the formats for URLs described in the documentation were actually supported
  • documentation overhaul

version 1.4.0 (May 8, 2019)

  • custom options can now be set for each individual request when processing multiple requests at once; see this issue for the initial request and see the documentation for the $urls argument in the documentation for the get() method (or any other method where multiple URLs can be specified)
  • removed from source code comments and documentation all references to the deprecated create_function function
  • improved documentation for the ssl() method and how to easily get a CA certificates bundle to enable communication over HTTPS
  • all examples were updated and were made functional again

version 1.3.4 (May 22, 2017)

  • fixed bug when having pauses between batches of requests
  • fixed bug with script stopping after first request if the "threads" property was set to 1; thanks to @sbosshardt
  • fixed broken file uploads when making POST and PUT requests
  • fixed warning that would be shown when POST-ing/PUT-ing raw data; thanks Sebastian Popa
  • fixed bug where the header method would only accept an array of URLs or would trigger an error otherwise
  • minor source code tweaks
  • unnecessary files are no more included when downloading from GitHub or via Composer
  • documentation is now available in the repository and on GitHub
  • the home of the library is now exclusively on GitHub

version 1.3.3 (February 11, 2016)

  • minimum required PHP version is now 5.3.0 instead of 5.0.3
  • fixed a bug where the library would not download files having query strings or hashtags, and triggered warnings instead; thanks Fshamri
  • fixed a bug which broke the ftp_download method
  • fixed an issue where SSL certificate checking (CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER) was disabled by default; now it is enabled by default; thanks Daniel Stenberg
  • added delete and put methods for making DELETE and PUT requests
  • added scrap method for quickly making a single get request without the need of a callback function; thanks Alexey Dorokhov
  • if caching is enabled but the cache folder doesn't exist, the library will now try and create it before triggering an error; thanks Alexey Dorokhov
  • removed unused argument for the cookies method; thanks Székely Dániel
  • updated existing examples and added a new one for scrapping a page
  • losts of cleanup in the documentation

version 1.3.2 (January 12, 2016)

  • fixed a bug with http_authentication method not working
  • fixed handling of edge case HTTP authentication
  • fixed a warning message when setting the callback function as a method of a class, but the method was not available
  • fixed bug with additional arguments not being passed to the get method
  • updated the "post" method so that now arbitrary strings can also be POST-ed (instead of key => value pair only); useful for POST-ing JSON; thanks Julian Zel
  • added possibility to unset previously set credentials for HTTP authentication
  • POST parameters are now in the response as an additional "post" entry in the response array, both as string and as an array (only for POST requests)
  • improved debug messages

version 1.3.1 (February 03, 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where setting any value to the "pause_interval" property would result in no requests being processed

version 1.3.0 (January 31, 2015)

  • changed how the "post" method receives its arguments; this breaks compatibility with previous versions!
  • fixed a bug where making mixed calls to the library's method would get you into trouble as options set by one method were not being unset by another
  • all types of requests can now be cached, not just "get" and "header" request
  • URLs can now also be processed in batches with pause in between; helpful for relieving stress on servers, if you are processing hundreds or more requests
  • any type of requests can now be processed at once, using the newly added queue method
  • the library now also sets default value for the CURLOPT_ENCODING option to "gzip,deflate"
  • improved documentation

version 1.2.1 (November 12, 2014)

  • fixed an issue that appeared since PHP 5.3.0 where, because of how htmlentities has changed since that version, the body of a fetched page would be an empty string the output would contain invalid code unit sequences within the given encoding (utf-8 in our case)
  • fixed an issues in composer.json due to which the class was not registered for autoloading after installation, and the library now explicitly requires lib-curl; thanks to Igor Denisenko
  • fixed some documentation issues; thanks to Igor Denisenko

version 1.1.0 (June 26, 2014)

  • fixed a bug where the "post" method was not working with callback functions
  • added a workaround for PHP bug:; thanks to Syed I.R
  • custom arguments can now pe passed to the callback functions
  • callback functions may now return FALSE instructing the library to not cache the respective request; this makes it easy to retry failed requests without having to clear all cache
  • added an example for FTP download

version 1.0.2 (August 29, 2013)

  • fixed a bug where the "type" argument of the "http_authentication" method could not be changed; thanks apmolsa
  • fixed a bug where the "chmod" argument of the "cache" method could not be changed; thanks apmolsa
  • fixed a bug where PHP's htmlentities() function was accidentally being run on the response body of downloads
  • the constructor now takes one argument specifying whether the response body should be run through PHP's htmlentities() function

version 1.0.1 (May 30, 2013)

  • fixed a bug where in PHP 5.2.7+ the library was triggering fatal error because I was using func_num_args() as an argument to another function
  • the project is now also available on GitHub and as a package for Composer

version 1.0 (March 02, 2013)

  • initial release