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Static Archive of

This is a static archive of, the weblog of Stefan Grund.

It consists of every blog post published between 2007-02-02 and 2020-02-02. The posts are saved as Markdown files with static site generator compatible front matters. These contain all meta data about each post (e.g. original URL, datetime, tags, geolocation, and so on).

Example post:

title: "Kinostatistik 2019"
date: "2019-12-31"
datetime: "2019-12-31 12:15:07"
id: "36083"
slug: "kinostatistik-2019"
url: ""
author: "eay"
format: "post"
  - 0815
  - 2019
  - filme
  - filmindustrie
  - kino
  - kinostatistik
  - konsum
  - kosten
  - quantified-self
  - statistik
  - geo_latitude: "55.652412490167"
  - geo_longitude: "12.540413807503"
  - geo_public: "1"
  - yourls_shorturl: ""
  - content_copy: ""
  - content_copy: ""

Wie sich herausstellt, bleiben die Hobbies in dem Jahr, in dem man seinen Job kündigt und fast jede wache Minute in die Gründung der [eigenen Firma]( steckt, schon mal auf der Strecke. Kein Wunder also...

The compatility with static site generators was tested with Eleventy, v0.10.0.

About Stefan and

Stefan Grund, born in 1985, is an entrepreneur, developer and media scientist from Cologne, Germany. He is the CEO and co-founder of Hypercode, a digital product studio, which focuses on creating high-quality web and mobile apps. Stefan, whose online alias is “eay“, started blogging on in 2003. In his mostly German blog he writes about media, pop culture, technology and their intersection.


Dear future self,

I hope you are well! In order to update the static copy of your blog, you'll need to export your blog posts from WordPress and place the XML file it creates as export.xml in the root directory over here. After this you can run npm run build to generate all the Markdown files.

Best regards, Vergangenheitsstefan


To generate the Markdown files from WordPress' exported XML file, I'm using a custom fork of Will Boyd's WordPress export to Markdown script (located under scripts/wordpress-export-to-markdown/). If you want to do this, too, you should definitely use Will's script, not mine, which is highly customized to my personal blog setup.


All posts are licensed under Creative Commons (by-nc-nd).

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