Validator for NewsML-G2 + XHTML + Microdata + NITF
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4-Step NewsML-G2 + XHTML5 + Microdata + NITF Validator

How it works

The validation is performed in three independent steps:

  1. NewsML-G2 validation based on the XSD provided by IPTC.
  2. XHTML validation of the inlineXML embedded XHTML document withing the NewsML-G2 contentSet, using XML schemas for XHTML1 and XHTML5
  3. Validation of microdata, embedded within the XHTML document, using Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  4. Validation of NITF embedded into inlineXML elements

Validation API

Validation without using the graphical interface can be done by sending a POST request, containing the NewsML-G2 document in the POST body to the same URL as this page.

Alternative validation services

You can choose between a couple of services to validate HTML5 and Microdata. Please remember to add the right doctype definition to your XHTML document in order to make the validator recognize this is a polyglot HTML5 document ()

###HTML5 validation, The W3C Markup Validation Service,

###Microdata validation, Google Testing Tool,, Yandex Structured Data Validator, Bing Markup Validator

##Want to Contribute? Feel free to checkout the project, improve it and send me a pull request.

##Installation Dependencies: HTTP server running PHP run bower install from the root directory run git submodule init + git submodule update to install the XHTML validation XSD's