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Java FX ATM simulator

This is a simple application that simulates an ATM (automated transaction machine) Sorry but the initial screen is in romanian.


  • run the app
  • click on big image with hand and card
  • select the language as usual on an atm.

Application implements a new and fany timer

PauseTransition chitanta = new PauseTransition(Duration.seconds(2));
      chitanta.setOnFinished(event -> ridicatiChitanta());;```

Version 3.0 released

New features

  • Database driven accounts and journals, with 3 tables: ** cards ** operations journal ** pin validation journal
  • New screen with last 10 operations made on the atm

Updates and fixes

  • Collor forced to green on the last three screens for dark theme were unreadable. Now they support the selected theme
  • Fixed the TextFields background, also for the new implemente dTableView already implemented in transactions journal

Known bugs

  • Some translations are not well documented. Some messages are incomplete, wrong or missing.