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NoTemplate is not a template library.
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After working on html templating for ~10 years, I think the best template library is no template library.

NoTemplate.js provides only a single function element(). Use nested element() calls to build a DOM tree in pure JS in a concise and safe manner without any special syntax, compiler or preprocessor:

The first parameter is the element name.

Additional parameters build the content:

  • Strings are safely added as text nodes. No need to escape anything.
  • DOM Nodes (in particular elements) are added as child nodes.
  • Properties of nested plain objects are treated as
    • Attributes where the value is a string
    • Event handlers where the value is a function
    • For "style", the value can be an object, which is translated to style properties
    • For "class", the value can be an array
  • Arrays are automatically flattened to simplify building from fragments.
  • Null values are ignored to simplify handling conditional children

For components, create functions that return elements.

Simple Example

    "Hello ",
    element("a", {
        href: "#",
        click: event => alert("Hello")},

TodoMVC Implementation

  • Source Code (< 150 LOC; the view code starts around line 56)
  • Live Demo 
  • Should be one of the fastest loading readable / unobfuscated implementations: 

Developer Tools Network Tab

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