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Dune II - The Maker

A.k.a. D2TM. Is a Dune 2 clone.

This branch is considered the version that has made the most progress, now at version WIP 337.

At this moment the most known/stable version is DEMO4 and DEMO 3.5.

Bit of history

This is also the version where I learned to code C/C++ for the first time and that shows. This is the 3rd iteration, of my many attempts to write an RTS engine for myself in my teens.

The very first, succesful iteration, in BASIC is Arrakis ( SourceCode). You may also find the other iterations of my Dune clones.

After reading this post I felt like I had to clean things up a bit. Atleast get things back into a state where I could easily work/improve on this WIP version.

It felt better to have the D2TM github point to the (almost) latest WIP version (337). I mentioned a SFML rewrite; which I have not removed, it is not being developed further and is kept it in this branch

Java version?

There is a Dune 2 - The Maker 4J version. The java version lacks greatly in features and is written from a more experience and technical based motivation.


Either compile this, or fetch it from the Downloads at the dune2themaker website.


This project basically works on Windows only. Perhaps you can make this work on other systems, please let me know.

For now, checking out this branch and opening the Solution with VSStudio Community Edition should be enough to make it work. Be sure to have C/C++ essentials installed. The Solution should work out of the box.

Once you run the build, a /bin/ directory should be available with an EXE file, this is the recent compiled version which you can run.


A clone of Dune 2 - The Building of a Dynasty (by Westwood Studios)



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