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cushion script #2

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As an developer who is new to a project, I would really prefer to setup the CouchDB very fast and easy. Like sql scripts that can create a developer database with tables, views, data etc. I think a JSON script would be perfect, because of the JSON structure in CouchDB.


here is a frist draft. users are supported by format, but can currently not created.

  // configuration parameters
  // first level key is the section,
  // second level key is the option name and value the value of the option
  "configuration": {
    "replication": {
      "connection_timeout": 30000,
      "db": "_replicator"
  // key is the admin name and value the password
  "admins": {
    "foo": "bar",
    "abc": "123"
  // each entry is another user
  // name is a must have
  // password or password_sha and salt is a must have
  // roles will be autofilled with []
  // additional key-values can also be stored
  "users": [{
    "name": "firstUser",
    "password": "verySecurePassword",
    "roles": ["firstRole", "secondRole"]
  }, {
    "name": "secondUser",
    "password": "moreSecurePassword"
  // replications
  "replications": [],
  // the database level
  // each entry is another database
  "databases": [{
    "name": "foobar",
    "documents": [],
    "designs": []
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