List of performance analysis, monitoring and optimization tools
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Perf Tooling

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Welcome to Perf Tooling.

Perf Tooling is a shared resource to keep track of new and existent performance tools.


Adding new tools

You want to add a tool? Great!

Either create an issue and we'll add it to

Or propose a pull request and add a tool by adding a JSON file at data/articles, data/slides, data/tools or data/videos. The JSON files in these folders will be automatically rendered using a template based in templates/index.tpl

- By proposing a pull request you will be added to the footer contributors list automatically -

We would like this project to become a shared resource maintained by the community, so if you have any ideas on how to improve it or make it better, please let us know and file an issue. :)

Kicking off the server to test your changes

Perf Tooling is an express application. If you want to see it in action simply clone the repository and run npm install.

After that you can use a couple of npm convenience scripts:

# run test suite
$ npm test

# use gulp without global dependency ( e.g. styles )
$ npm run gulp -- styles

# start development build ( including watch )
$ npm run dev

# start dev server with nodemon and restart on file changes
$ npm run server

# old school and simple way to start the app
$ node app.js

It will be available at localhost:3000. Be aware of the fact, that the fetching of Github stars may not work, because Github is limiting the number of requests that are allowed without any authorization.