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This is not rebased - don't merge it. I just wanted to PR to allow you to comment on the DDC2346 test case, which I cannot get to fix with your patch. Can you please comment on it so that I can see what I'm missing? So far, your patch doesn't reduce the N+1 queries.

aitboudad and others added some commits Feb 26, 2013
@aitboudad aitboudad Remove dead code 38f6202
@mnapoli mnapoli Fixed broken code block in documentation 9c03d9b
@mnapoli mnapoli Reverted incorrect typo fix -_- 7633eb1
@jankramer jankramer Added 'contains' comparison 3a52daa
@alex88 alex88 Added $isIdentifierColumn documentation
I've added the documentation of the argument $isIdentifierColumn since in case of foreign composite keys it doesn't 
@jankramer jankramer Added composer.lock to .gitignore bef4878
Norbert Orzechowicz [DDC-2282] Fix pagination problem with SQL Server.
ORDER BY removed from all count queries when on SQL Server
Fixed SQLServer ORDER BY problem in paginator CountOutputWalker
Added test to check query with ORDER BY and SQLServerPlatform
@BenMorel BenMorel Unit tests: cleaned up outdated / unused / commented out code. b2a242d
@broncha broncha [DDC-2304] accept more than 2 parameters in CONCAT function
- Tested and parser validates at least 2 parameters given
- test added for CONCAT function and indentation fixed
- calling getConcatExpression using call_user_func_array as number of arguments is not known removing dependency to patch DBAL
- maintaining backward compatibility
@jean-gui jean-gui Don't add empty expression to another one b50f6de
@afoeder afoeder [BUGFIX] Correct link to Functions, Operators, Aggregates
This fixes the in-page link to the Functions, Operators, Aggregates
@beberlei beberlei Mention flush cannot be called inside postFlush 140e317
@Ocramius Ocramius Adding failing test for DDC-2346 doctrine/doctrine2#611 e468ced
@Ocramius Ocramius closed this Mar 13, 2013
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