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Python client for the API
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A very simple client for the API.


import bitlove

# your User-Agent string
MY_USER_AGENT = 'mycoolapp/1.0 ('

# some enclosure URLs of media files
urls = [

client = bitlove.BitloveClient(MY_USER_AGENT)
resp = client.get_by_enclosures(urls)

info0 = resp.get(urls[0])

# all available attributes of info0
print dir(info0)

# we use the first available source
source0 = info0.sources[0]

# and inspect its available attributes as well
print dir(source0)

# get the torrent URL
print source0.torrent

# get the Flattr link
print source0.item_payment

# get the title
print source0.item_title
# The Bitlove Home Show

# for the response format see
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