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Thanks for downloading django-registration.
To install it, run the following command inside this directory:
python install
If you have the Python ``easy_install`` utility available, you can
also type the following to download and install in one step::
easy_install -Z django-registration
(the ``-Z`` flag is required to force ``easy_install`` to do a normal
source install rather than a zipped egg; django-registration cannot be
used from a zipped egg install)
Or if you're using ``pip``::
pip install django-registration
Or if you'd prefer you can simply place the included ``registration``
directory somewhere on your Python path, or symlink to it from
somewhere on your Python path; this is useful if you're working from a
Mercurial checkout.
Note that this application requires Python 2.3 or later, and a
functional installation of Django 1.` or newer. You can obtain Python
from and Django from
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