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ancestry_column creating the problems. #100

deepaktyagi3i36 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am using ancestry gem for navigation and tree structure.

When I am using ancestry column instead of parent_id column then everything fine. But If i want to use parent_id in the model then I face a problem.

My Model code:-

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :connections, :dependent => :destroy
has_ancestry :ancestry_column=>"parent_id"
extend FriendlyId
friendly_id :slug , use: :slugged
def normalize_friendly_id(input)
return input.to_s.to_slug.normalize(transliterations: :russian).to_s

in seeds.rb:-

@c00=Category.create(:name => "Hunting",:permalink => "hunting")
@c01=Category.create(:permalink=>"shooting", :name => "Shooting")

@c0=Category.create(:name => "Archery",:permalink => "hunting-archery", :parent_id=>
@c1=Category.create(:name => "Optics",:permalink => "hunting-optiics", :parent_id=>

@c2=Category.create(:name => "Bows",:permalink => "hunting-archery-bows", :parent_id=>
@c3=Category.create(:name => "Bow Tuning",:permalink => "hunting-archery-bows-tuning",:parent_id=>

then parent_id value is not correct for @c2 and @c3 object.
Briefly explanation is as:

1.) above seed create six rows in the categories table.
2.) first two are the root category and then next two will have the parent_id as the id of first record.
3.) But the problem in next two they also have the same parent_id as the 2.) rows have??

what is the reason of it?? all the parent_id for all record have only root id not anyone(sub children) else??
If I simply use ancestry column in place of parent_id then everything fine.


even if i run this query in rails console then parent_id not set as i given it to the query.
Category.create(:name => "Archery",:permalink => "hunting-archery", :parent_id=>6)

a parent exist with id 6 but still this record have not the parent_id equal to 6 but it set parent_id value to first root(record) id?

Please help me this is the bug in ancestry gem.

Please help..



:parent and :parent_id are virtual model attributes used by the ancestry gem. Do not use a column called :parent_id in your database; it doesn't work that way. The column should be called :ancestry (or a different name that is not used directly by the ancestry gem) and of the type :string. Then using :parent_id => 6 should work as expected.


This is also explained in the README by the way. Please read it carefully.

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