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Can't mass-assign protected attributes: parent_id #101

rschmitty opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Rick Schmitty John Rees
Rick Schmitty

When trying to save an object I get the following error

Can't mass-assign protected attributes: parent_id

In the form I've used code from the wiki

<%= f.label :parent_id %><br />
<%= f.collection_select :parent_id, @pages, :id, :name_for_selects, :include_blank => true %>

And in my create method I have

@page =[:page])

The debut post shows my form values

 "commit"=>"Create Page"}

I've followed the readme to include has_ancestry in my Page model. It also fails with the same error from console

Page.create! :title => 'Test', :parent => Page.create!(:title=>'Test Parent')

What am I missing?

John Rees

Have you got attr_accessible :parent_id in your Page model?

Rick Schmitty

Ah for some reason I thought that would be bad. Yes it works with that in attr accessible

Rick Schmitty rschmitty closed this
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