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Postgresql Intarray? #102

johnrees opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Has intarray been considered as an option for the ancestry field type when using postgres?

As far as I can tell the order is significant and it can be indexed so should be fast in comparison to string filtering. adds native support to Rails for it and I think I read somewhere that it might be included by default in Rails 4.0?


Interesting! If Rails 4 includes it by default, it may be a good choice to include it. On the other hand we prefer to keep dependencies to a minimum, so do not expect inclusion of the feature very soon.


This gem looks great. When reading through the documentation, however, the only thing that gave me pause was: "[ancestry] uses a ‘like’ condition in order to fetch descendants".

I think using an indexed array for the materialized paths would be awesome.

Edit: just came across an article talking about how they do just that at DISQUS:


Postgres has a much better option than intarray, that is a string (dot-separated ids) with a ltree index. It naturally supports prefix and other type of searches, and it is thought explicitly for trees.


+1 for postgres ltree support.

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