acts_as_tree alias will still be defined if a colliding gem name occurs lexically after ancestry #103

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For instance if I install the closure_tree gem the ancestry gem will still define acts_as_tree even though it is defined in closure_tree as well. This breaks the closure_tree gem definition of acts_as_tree. My guess is that ancestry is loaded before closure_tree and that is why the code breaks.

gchan commented Feb 17, 2015

Unsure if this is still a problem for you but I just encountered this problem myself.
We were on version 1.2.0 of acts_as_tree and 1.3.0 of ancestry (pretty old project).

We found a combination which worked for us:

gem 'acts_as_tree', '~> 1.6.1'
gem 'ancestry', '~> 2.0.0'

Hope this helps you or anyone else in this predicament.

marnen commented Aug 13, 2015

Similarly here. Ancestry 2.0.0 works with acts_as_tree, but 2.1.0 doesn't.

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