Ancestry does not work at all with Rails 3.2.9 #113

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ddidier commented Dec 18, 2012

is a fix planned ? thanks


StefanH commented Dec 18, 2012

I will look into it. I assume you're using ancestry 1.3.0?

The tests run for Rails 3.2.9 on master. This will become version 2.0.0.rc1 soon.

ddidier commented Dec 18, 2012

Yes I'm using 1.3.0. I did not extract a failing test case and I did not have investigated very long, but when I updated Rails from 3.2.8 to 3.2.9, all my tests using ancestor blew up... EDITED All objects are root, i.e. #roots returns all my objects.

ddidier commented Dec 18, 2012

I isolated a test case with my model. I don't know if I'm using Rails or Ancestry in a good manner. I stripped down everything to this:

  describe "#113" do

    it "should have only one root" do
      pc_root = create_product_category('PC_Root')
      pc_1 = create_product_category( 'PC_1', pc_root)

      p1 = create_product('P1', [pc_1])

      puts "roots = #{}"  #=> roots = ["PC_X", "PC_Root"]
      ProductCategory.roots.should have(1).item  #=> false


  # ----------------------------------------

  def create_product_category(code, parent=nil)
    product_category =
    # mass-assignment
    product_category.code = code
    product_category.parent = parent!

  def create_product(name, categories)
    product = name)

    # here is the problem (it simulates a bad usage of a factory (girl))
    # if I remove the next 3 lines it works
    product_category = create(:product_category, code: 'PC_X')
    product.product_categories << product_category

    product.product_categories << categories!

try this

product_category.parent_id =

ancestry also works with parent_id

ddidier commented Mar 13, 2013

that's working thanks

StefanH closed this Apr 3, 2013

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